Those who have awaited the final relase of Jerris Bullard's ouline on "The History of Christianity in India" from his lecture on that subject need to be aware of a Delay in Publication of this document.  It will be made available in a month so look for it around July 15,2017.

Thank you for your patience.


The India Mission



The work in India has produced over 2,000,000 baptisms, has built schools, clinics, and church buildings, preachers' training, publications and bibles, Lectures and Studies, Women's programs and Foster homes, even Gospel Films to be used in Conversion.

Jerris has been involved with the team that worked to produced all of this. Jerris first teamed up with Ron Clayton in 1987. The autonomous Team meets in Hydrabad to discuss shared goals. They discuss the statistics that are kept on the India Church of Christ and work on common goals.

Jerris has been a preacher, evangelist, and missionary for many years. Originally from Snyder, Texas Jerris N. Bullard graduated from Lubbock Christian University, Abilene Christian University, and Sunset School of Preaching. He has preached in Texas, Pennsylvania, and spent 11 years in Great Falls, Virginia. In 1985, he became a full-time missionary to India under the oversight of the Elders at the Manassas, Virginia Church of Christ. Jerris is married to Juanita, who is originally from Baltimore. They have both completed numerous mission journeys to India; by 2008 Jerris had made 51 and Juanita 20 mission trips to India.

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    To everything there is a season” (Eccl 3:1-8). “A time to be born—a time to die,a time to  plant—a time to pluck what is planted,a time to gain—a time to lose…a time to keep silence—a  time to speak.”God made every thing beautiful in its TIME. A multi-national company in the USA works during the day & at night turns over its work to India. In this way the company is working around the clock. God gave 24 hours each day for everyone—& if you don’t do the important things while you have the time, you may live to regret it.

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  • Update on the Work in N.E. India


    Northeast India Report

    During the India Missions Workshop held in Ft. Worth, Texas in April, team members Jerris & Juanita Bullard (who live in Manassas, Virginia) gave team members Ron Clayton, Robert Hall & Ben Renegar an update on the progress of the Lord’s work in Northeast India.  This is in the area of India that is called the “7 Sisters”. 

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  • How many church members in India?


    Counting isn't easy

    A trip to Chennai, in southeastern India, changed everything Dyron Daughrity knew about carpooling. The native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, saw five people decide to put on Christ in baptism after a Sunday service in early February. Many more wanted to accompany them to the water.

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  • Two million baptisms

    Two million baptisms reveal India as 'greatest restoration movement of our time'

    These numbers are possible because India is a huge country with more than 1 billion people. Today one of every six people in the world lives in India

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Whom shall we send?

Whom shall we send

KAKINADA, INDIA - India’s missionaries train here.

They come to the Kakinada School of Preaching from across India — including Bihar and Orissa states, where Christians routinely suffer persecution. Some bear the light skin and Asian features of Mainipur state in India’s far east. A few are from Myanmar, a nation in Southeast Asia where religious gatherings often are restricted or prohibited.


Update on the Work in N.E. India


Northeast India Report

During the India Missions Workshop held in Ft. Worth, Texas in April, team members Jerris & Juanita Bullard (who live in Manassas, Virginia) gave team members Ron Clayton, Robert Hall & Ben Renegar an update on the progress of the Lord’s work in Northeast India.  This is in the area of India that is called the “7 Sisters”. 


Two million baptisms

Two million baptisms reveal India as 'greatest restoration movement of our time'

These numbers are possible because India is a huge country with more than 1 billion people. Today one of every six people in the world lives in India

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India Report- June 11, 2013

IMG 2088

Dear Brethren,

“You’re just a stiff-necked Pharisee.” (I guess that got your attention, didn’t it?) That is what one of our jovial elders jokingly said to me the first Sunday I was able to attend worship following my neck surgery--necessitated by chronic arthritis--fusion of vertebraes #s 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 back in the month of March. Though it has taken awhile to get going again, I am pleased to inform you that I am, by your prayers and the grace of God, well and about the work.


Concerning the work I actually missed very little time. The only restrictions I had to observe were to limit my lifting anything weighing more than five pounds, leaning my head backward, and preaching. “Preaching,” you may rightfully wonder at this. I did but not for long. You see neck surgery is done from the front side, that is an incision was made near my vocal chords and a host of instruments were inserted along with two titanium metal strips which were then attached to the affected vertebrae to “fuse--stiffen” them. (Hence, our brother’ s greeting to me -- I wish I could be so clever.) The “plates” which were attached to my vertebrae, plus the necessary pressure by the surgeon, pressing on my throat, and especially the vocal chords, caused severe trouble with swallowing and even speaking for a few minutes on the telephone. It can now be said that this is all behind me, and I am anxious to be fully engaged in the work once again.

However, before proceeding to the work report, I feel a compelling need to tell you about Juanita’s health. During the same time as my recovery was taking place Juanita had left eye cataract surgery. (She had the right eye done in 2010.) We fully expected this surgery to be uneventful, wrong! To begin with there was trouble with a medical assistant who over medicated Juanita’s eye. Then there was some equipment failure--the machine used to measure the lens necessary for a proper fit to the new implant. Following her surgery infection became a problem and continues to be. We have been told Juanita’s eye may not be completely well before the end of September. It is a serious problem and one for which we solicit your fervent prayers. The doctor has assured Juanita that she can also be about her work, and “not to be overly concerned” since in his experience this type problem is normally better in three months. This does not offer as much comfort as it normally would since the doctor expressed great surprise to see the problem develop in the first place and then to persist as much as it has.

I suppose that by now you are feeling our pain so much that you are in need of two big Tylenols. Thank you one and all who sent us cards of encouragement, wrote emails, and made telephone calls to us while we convalesced. You have also been so thoughtful to continue your regular contributions. Thank you for saving me from the anxiety of raising funds during this time of recovery by continuing your regular monthly gifts. Your trust and confidence in us is greatly appreciated by the Manassas Elders, the Indian brethren and Juanita and myself.

As we are in the habit of doing we have wired (under the supervision of the Manassas Elders, of course) about $9,900 dollars per month for the various works, necessary support for our Indian preachers, and campaigns for Christ going on in many places in India. The work is big. To God be all the glory.


January 1, through June 8, 2013









  • Average number of Gospel meetings per day 510
  • Average number baptized per meeting 1.8
  • Average number of baptisms per day 900.6

          And day by day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved. Acts. 2:47



JAMES 4: 13-15

We plan to begin visiting among brethren to report on our work and to seek their fmancial gifts to provide for the needs noted below. We hope to see brethren in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia during June and July. Then we will hope to report to congregations in North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama during September. October will see us in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Finally, during November we will call on supporters in Ohio, Indianapolis, Tennessee, and again in West Virginia. December will fmd us home where we will remain until we depart for India in January 20 14. This is roughly our plans (subject to sudden change) and, of course, our prayer is that God’s will be done.


1. Campaign Funds. We are about soul-winning. The Gospel is free, but we have to pay the expenses for the “Piper.” Romans 10: 14-17 speaks eloquently on this matter.

Immediate need $10,000.00

2. Construction for the Bhopal School of Preaching. The building is one-half constructed. We need to complete a dormitory room for eight students, the kitchen and dining room, plus a guest room for visiting preachers who will stay in the building for a month at a time while they are teaching their selected course.

Immediate need $15,000.00

3. Student preacher support for six students at Kurnool School of Preaching, and eight students in our Bhopal School of Preaching at $45.00 per month per student. (Calculations: 14 students X 3 months X $45.00 per month.)

Immediate need $1,890.00

4. Printing of song books. There is an urgent need to print 5,000 song books. We have an excellent, well edited hymnal in the Telegu language. Fifteen thousand copies of our song book have been published over the past three years. The plates are ready and with the printer. This is a hard-back book and can be printed for ninety-cents ($0.90) per copy.

Immediate need $4,500.00

5. Benevolence. We have three sisters who are all preachers wives, and each is in urgent need of medical help. One needs brain surgery. Another requires oxygen for use at home without which she cannot live. The third is suffering crippling arthritis and will likely be paralyzed if costly medications for which the family has no means of paying, is not provided soon.

Immediate needs $3,000.00

6. Preachers and Teachers’ Support. We support only 25 native, Indian Preachers and Bible teachers in our Team’s schools of preaching. These are all long overdue for some support increase. None have received an increase in their support in 3-5 years. Most of our preachers receive between $75.00 and $100.00 per month.. .three receive $150.00 and one $200.00 per month. For those receiving below $150.00 per month we are proposing that they each need an additional $15.00 per month. (Calculations: 21 men X $15.00X3 months.)

Immediate quarterly need $945.00

7. India Mission Budget for 2014. It is time for us to begin accumulating funds for our Winter 2014 Mission to India. Our estimate for this major work covering the first three months of the year is $73,000.00. Our experience going back to 1978 shows it will take us six months to accumulate the needed funds. We must begin now--in July-- to accomplish the goal.

Monthly need $12,166.00

The above items are but a few of the concerns which are pressing. Please pray about these matters.. .those in need are our brethren.. . our spiritual family-in-Christ.


This wonderful couple, who are members at the Manassas Virginia Church of Christ, made their first mission to India with Juanita and myself this year. They were very well received by the Indian brethren. In fact, they are “naturals” for this work. It is their desire to do the work full-time, and it is also our prayer that they will be able to do so. They are both retired military, and are seeking support for their India mission work funds. In summary, the work funds pay for their Air fares, hotels, car rentals, and the expenses of the Indian brethren who work directly with the missionaries to conduct campaigns. The Gaudreaus need for their planned Winter 2014 Mission is $20,000. They are in need of contacts. If you are able to supply them with the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of individuals as well as congregations who may be able to help them this would be appreciated. They may be reached through me or by contacting the Elders at the Manassas Church of Christ office. Please see the address and telephone on this letterhead.


Susan Foy--Manassas, Virginia

Ethel Kent-Manassas. Virginia

Frank Mason--Manassas, Virginia

Lynne Petty--Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Connie Ellenburg-- Winchester, Tennessee

Bobby Peyton--McEwen, Tennessee


Thank you for your generous and loving support, prayers, and encouragement to us. Try to imagine the impact of your gift on the souls who will hear the Gospel because you cared. Your gift will be a blessing through all eternity.

Grace and Peace, Jerris N. Bullard Missionary


Report - October 30,2008

img 1200659989 250 lg

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Lord told us that there would be those who would hate us and persecute us just as they had done to Him (John 15: 20).

Since August our brethren in India have suffered heavy persecution. Our poor, gentle and loving brethren have once again had to bear the callous, hatred of their fellow countrymen—radical Hindus—who will stop at nothing to reclaim Hindu converts to Christ.


Report - July 5, 2007

img 1200660032 220 lgDear Brethren,


Let's go...fulfill the Mission! Juanita and I are homesick for our India brethren. We plan to go "home" to Hyderabad leaving from Washington Dulles International Airport on July 26n at 8:00 A.M. Come go with will touch more souls in two or three weeks than you may teach in several years of work in the states.




Following our return home from our Winter Mission the Manassas Elders surprised us with a presentation of your gifts to purchase much-needed hearing aids. They had requested the gifts while we were in India. Not only did many of our readers help with gifts, but a large number wrote very kind and complimentary letters which the Elders shared with us. The hearing aids work well. I am actually enjoying hearing so many common sounds which most of us take for granted. The hearing aids are especially helpful in crowds and classes in church building auditoriums. The balance of the funds after paying for the hearing aids will be added to the India Fund for evangelism purposes.




We are blessed by having loyal supporters who remember our work on a regular basis. In reality it is their best we are co-laborers with them and with our Father in Heaven. We are grateful. However, we need to enlarge this wonderful, sacrificial group. The work is growing in a superlative manner...numbers-God gives the increase daily- and in faithfulness as may be seen in the rapidly increasing number of congregations with Elders.


Growth always comes with a cost whether we are speaking of our own family and the needs of growing children, or of a local congregation of the Lord's people who must add classrooms and auditorium space "to handle the crowds", or of the success of evangelizing in India. It is God's work and we praise Him for all He has done. At the same time God blesses all of us, prospering our ways, so that we may give back to the Lord in order that His work may go forward.


$20,000 IS NEEDED B Y JULY 26


Our India Mission Budget touches all the matters one might consider. In no particular order I think of the following: The purchase of Bibles in the local languages; bicycles for preachers; benevolence; construction of church buildings and schools of preaching (the locals must provide the land and pay for some of the construction costs themselves); support of key preachers-those who speak English and serve as interpreters; and, transportation and lodging for the Bullards. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. Hopefully, it serves to stimulate your thinking and consideration for the practical side of ministry in a foreign land. It costs a lot of money to do the BIG work that God has led us-and you- to do.


Your help is essential...please pray for these needs to be met, and then give as liberally (and regularly) as possible. "If a brother or sister is ill-clad and in lack of daily food, and one of you says to them, 'Go in peace, be warmed and filled,' without giving them the things needed for the body, what does it profit? So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead" (James 2: 15-17).




First, persecution by militant Hindus seems to be increasing. In Raipur, three denominational preachers were teaching the Bible and conducting a prayer meeting. They were suddenly assaulted by Hindus who broke their computers and confiscated their cell phones and money. The radicals beat various people in the audience. They shouted that the reason they had done this was, "These Americans are converting Hindus to Christianity."

In an unrelated matter another Hindu extremist was quoted in The Hindu (a national newspaper) as saying , "When one man is converted to Christianity a new enemy is created; and, when one woman is converted hundreds of enemies have been created."


Second, we had an exciting time with brother V. Yesu Rathnam, Suriapet, at the second annual Elder's Lectureship. This Lectureship was directed by Joe Evans from Arkansas. There were 81 Native Elders (and 64 wives of Elders) from 30 different congregations in attendance. (It was noteworthy to learn that 8 of those congregations fully support their local preacher, and 14 had either constructed or purchased their own buildings.) I spoke on the subject, "Why Do Shepherds Smell Like Sheep?" I suggested they smell like sheep because they are sheep... though chosen out of the flock to be Shepherds they will always be sheep.


Thirdly, the brethren in Siliguri, northeast India, about 500 miles above Calcutta, asked us to purchase a plot of land for a cemetery. Burial space is a genuine problem which our brethren face all over India somewhere everyday they are confronted with this need. I recalled a thought heard in some lecture in an unremembered place: "How a society treats its dead says much about its character." This thought and some Biblical passages concerning the care taken in burying the dead came to mind. Based on this I challenged the brethren to raise the needed funds to purchase the land and to pay for one-half the cost of the stone wall to border the property. They completed their fund raising over a period of one year.. .purchased the land, and I, then, raised one-half the funds for the property wall from interested brethren in the states. Most of us have never faced such a problem, but cemeteries are a very real need among our Indian brethren.


























Please keep each of us in prayer. The work is often difficult, stressful, and dangerous:







K. P. Yohannan, President, of the Gospel for Asia, wrote in The Outlook, June 17, 2007:


Recent reports of persecution are clear indicators that preaching the gospel and following Christ are dangerous propositions for the people of India. Attacks on missionaries have become all too common, and now believers are increasingly coming under attack, too.

We must pray to God to bring about a heart change and give boldness to His people to love and proclaim the good news in the midst of persecution.


Ben is in India at this time. Robert plans to depart for India in a few days. The Bullards leave the USA on July 26. Ron and Karen leave for India about the second week of August. We all need your fervent prayers daily. Especially pray that we may find the lost souls and teach them the Gospel. That is our food and drink.




Nine Indian Preachers known to us died in January, February, and May. Among those who worked closely with us were:

P. Moses John and V. R. David

Sam James Polly Prosise

Cline Paden Bill VanWickler

Charlotte Perry Jess Willis


Let's go.... Fulfill the Mission


Your gift is needed and it will make a difference. An envelope is included for your convenience. We leave for India on July 26. By the grace of God and with your help we will have the funds to help our brethren and to reach the lost. Thanks.


Grace and Peace,

Jerris Bullard Missionary

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