:     Brother Jerris Bullard's book concerning "The History of the Church of Christ in India" is currently being revised and expanded.   It is to be hoped that it will be available by December  2019 or January 2020.  Currently it is not available, but  a list is being maintained by Jerris and will be made available to those who have requested it as soon as the book is revised.  Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

Thank you for your patience.


The India Mission



The work in India has produced over 2,000,000 baptisms, has built schools, clinics, and church buildings, preachers' training, publications and bibles, Lectures and Studies, Women's programs and Foster homes, even Gospel Films to be used in Conversion.

Jerris has been involved with the team that worked to produced all of this. Jerris first teamed up with Ron Clayton in 1987. The autonomous Team meets in Hydrabad to discuss shared goals. They discuss the statistics that are kept on the India Church of Christ and work on common goals.

Jerris has been a preacher, evangelist, and missionary for many years. Originally from Snyder, Texas Jerris N. Bullard graduated from Lubbock Christian University, Abilene Christian University, and Sunset School of Preaching. He has preached in Texas, Pennsylvania, and spent 11 years in Great Falls, Virginia. In 1985, he became a full-time missionary to India under the oversight of the Elders at the Manassas, Virginia Church of Christ. Jerris is married to Juanita, who is originally from Baltimore. They have both completed numerous mission journeys to India; by 2008 Jerris had made 51 and Juanita 20 mission trips to India.

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  • India and the subcontinent


    A profile of churches

    NEW DELHI, INDIA - The nimble rickshaw puller squeezes between street vendors on the narrow streets of India’s congested capital.
    Peering between the stands selling samosas and chai tea, two American church members glimpse a service at a Hindu temple. Worshipers, on their knees and covered in flowers, wait to get a blessing from the priestess.

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  • The Dharoor Experience


    Every year for the past 85 years or so, the Methodists from Hyderabad and surrounding districts have conducted a huge camp meeting near Dharoor (a small village in Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh). This camp meeting is always in November, and is held in a big open field. It has grown from 10,000 in the inaugural year to about 10 lakhs today (1 lakh=100,000). [This is one million people in attendance.] I went this year to see what was going on. I will tell you why.

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  • Update on the Work in N.E. India


    Northeast India Report

    During the India Missions Workshop held in Ft. Worth, Texas in April, team members Jerris & Juanita Bullard (who live in Manassas, Virginia) gave team members Ron Clayton, Robert Hall & Ben Renegar an update on the progress of the Lord’s work in Northeast India.  This is in the area of India that is called the “7 Sisters”. 

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  • Whom shall we send?

    Whom shall we send

    KAKINADA, INDIA - India’s missionaries train here.

    They come to the Kakinada School of Preaching from across India — including Bihar and Orissa states, where Christians routinely suffer persecution. Some bear the light skin and Asian features of Mainipur state in India’s far east. A few are from Myanmar, a nation in Southeast Asia where religious gatherings often are restricted or prohibited.

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To everything there is a season” (Eccl 3:1-8). “A time to be born—a time to die,a time to  plant—a time to pluck what is planted,a time to gain—a time to lose…a time to keep silence—a  time to speak.”God made every thing beautiful in its TIME. A multi-national company in the USA works during the day & at night turns over its work to India. In this way the company is working around the clock. God gave 24 hours each day for everyone—& if you don’t do the important things while you have the time, you may live to regret it.


How many church members in India?


Counting isn't easy

A trip to Chennai, in southeastern India, changed everything Dyron Daughrity knew about carpooling. The native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, saw five people decide to put on Christ in baptism after a Sunday service in early February. Many more wanted to accompany them to the water.


The Dharoor Experience


Every year for the past 85 years or so, the Methodists from Hyderabad and surrounding districts have conducted a huge camp meeting near Dharoor (a small village in Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh). This camp meeting is always in November, and is held in a big open field. It has grown from 10,000 in the inaugural year to about 10 lakhs today (1 lakh=100,000). [This is one million people in attendance.] I went this year to see what was going on. I will tell you why.

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Report - June 2016

June 28, 2016
Dear Brethren,
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have now reached mid-year. Where does the time go? May the Lord give us the grace to live each day fully to His glory (Ps. 118: 24). ,. The work in India is proceeding well, as a look at the figures on page 2 show. As a result of the hard work of our Team’s 25,000 native Indian preachers 1,811 souls are being baptized and added to the body of Christ every day. Your generous gifts make it possible for us to support 27 native Indian preachers full-time, as well as printing thousands of song books, and constructing needed church buildings, providing thousands of brethren a place of worship, training, and service. Thank you for being a partner in-preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying people.
Juanita has long suffered from a bad left-hip. She is scheduled for surgery to replace it on June 28th, about the time you receive this newsletter. (You may see our July Monthly Briefing [this communication feature is discussed further on] to learn of Juanita’s medical condition following her hip surgery.) Please keep her in your prayers that she will soon be up and about. We miss seeing you and look forward to when Juanita recovers so that we may again be able to visit all the brethren who support us in this great work of God. By the grace of God we hope to return to India in January 2017.
In the meantime, we ask that you continue to support the work as genérously as you can. On behalf of our poor brethren in India, we are most grateful for your kindness.


We employ a variety of means to communicate with all who help us in this great Mission work. Those who contribute funds receive an immediate letter of appreciation. In addition to a genuine word of thanks this letter contains an update concerning the work, sometimes a mission anecdote, and a note indicating where we may need funds as soon as possible, for example, campaigns to win souls or printing of song books or construction needs, or benevolence requests.
We are also aware that many on our mailing list receive only a quarterly newsletter from us. Many desire to hear from us more frequently. In order to address this need we will begin, in July, a new feature. This will be a brief on-line update, available to anyone who wishes to read it. We maintain a webpage at You may access our new “Monthly Briefing” there. We hope you will go to the site often. You may also write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Brother John Murphy, a member at Manassas Church of Christ, is our webmaster.


MEETINGS - 158,721
BAPTISMS - 306,009
Our thanks to Ron Clayton and his office staff in Hyderabad for their diligent efforts in obtaining our Team’s results. We thank God for the work that has been done, and for the salvation of these souls we give Him all the glory.


We normally experience a summer “slump in contributions. However, this year we really do need your regular support to continue. Please do your best to help us.
We need $10,000. 00 per month for the construction of a church building and new school of preaching at Bagdogra. We are improving the facilities of our school of preaching at Pamidipadu--$5,000 per month-- by adding a combination hall for dining and which may also be used as a large lecture classroom. These essential buildings will require $15,000.00 per month to construct from July through December 2016. Please contact me for any needed details.
We now have in print 25,000 copies of our hardback Telegu songbook. We need 5,000 more urgently. They cost $1.25 each. We need to give at least 3 songbooks to many congregations, which have no printed songbooks or have only “inexpensive” paperback books or Xerox copies of songs, as we can. We have also printed 500 copies (at a cost of $1.85 each) of brother Ed Wharton’s book, Church of Christ, translated BY K. Vandanam. There is an immediate need to print 1,000 more copies to be distributed in our Schools of Preaching, and to denominational preachers who will attend our campaigns for Christ. This book has proven itself in such classes to teach people of faith. ..denominational preachers more fully the Word of God.
Additional tools which are needed to support campaigns and local congregations include bicycles for preachers ($65.00 each); Bibles ($4.00 each) in the local- native Languages; and, plastic communion cups and communion trays made in India--a tray and 200 cups cost about $9.00.
Benevolence is always needed for diabetes, strokes/hospital care; glasses; and, tablets-medicine of various sorts. On average benevolence is given at $900.00 per month.
God has blessed us with a large, fruitful work for His glory. He provides for all needs through His people whom He blessés generously (Luke 12: 48). Thank you for praying about these matters and helping as you can.


The Great Commission is in our hands. Every member of the church desires to obey it. One means of doing this is to enable others to go. We also can multiply our efforts by supporting the India Mission.
The people of India possibly travel more than any other people. They are going to every country in the world. As the brethren travel they also take the Gospel...and often go to places where we are reluctant to visit such as the Middle East, Pacific Islands, African nations, and China. May God raise up “Priscilla and Acquila” among the India brethren. They will give meaning to the expression, “Pass the bread” because they know Jesus is the Bread of Life, and they will give Him to the hungry (John 6: 29-35, 40).
Graceand Peace
Jerris Bullard, India Missionary
“If my conversion was insane, blessed be insanity.”
--Nehemiah (Nilakantha) Goreh, 1825-1895
A Hindu--Brahman, Nehemiah was abused and persecuted for his baptism into Christ, socially ostracized, and declared “dead” by his family and friends at the age of 23.
Washington, D.C.
Gainesville, Virginia

Report - April, 2011

IMG 2439God has blessed us with another wonderful mission trip to India. How can we share in a short report what God has done with us though your gills and prayers (Roman 10: 14-l5)? The joy of seeing Hindu idolaters, Muslims, unbelievers, and peoples of faith coming to know the Lord Jesus and be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is almost inexpressible! Thanks for giving us another opportunity to take the Gospel to India-that far-off land of which most have only heard and dreamed about.

By the grace of God we were of good strength, and able to take advantage of numerous evangelistic and discipling opportunities. We worked in the West (Pune), East (Vijayawada), North (Bhophel), and South (Kumool), and many villages, towns and cities around these four major areas. The work is vast ... the crowds in attendance were large in number and eager in mind and heart to hear and receive the Word of God. In short, it was good to have been there and see God blessing the work through His Word and His people. The Indian brethren are simply a joy to be with ... the work is hard ... the weather was often very hot....sometimes frustrations were experienced but God was with us ... the brethren's desire to serve in any way possible made it all worthwhile. By the mission's end we were exhausted, but totally satisfied. God is so good!


As we travel among our supporters these days we have become aware that many "new" brethren do not know us as well as we would hope. Therefore, in this newsletter we will try to briefly introduce our work to those who are newer to our acquaintance. This may also serve to re-acquaint some of our long time supporters with the basics of our work. Hopefully, this will help to kindle or re-kindle your interest in the India mission work which, no doubt, is one of God's greatest acts to save people in the history of the church.


Our goal is to teach the Word to as many people as possible throughout all of India. In the past we also worked in Bangladesh and Nepal-the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus local civil unrest, has caused us to stop working in those places which have large Muslim populations. We have worked with the idea that the native people are best suited to evangelize their own countries. This means that Americans in the short-time we have to work in India likely cannot master their languages.  Cultures or religions. Therefore, our team has established the "4-T" approach to the work. This may be informative: "Teach 'em ... Train 'em ... Trust 'em ... and. Tum 'em loose.". Our goal is to make the Indian brethren full partners with us in the work now-not in the distant future. 'ibis must be an Indian work today for it to ultimately succeed. They plan the work with us. teach in our preacher-training schools. and are, in fact, doing the bulk of the work. We give them their due credit. They labor for the Lord and His Glory.


The training of our native Indian preachers usually takes place in a school of preaching. Our schools range from one-day per week schools. to six week schools, to three month schools, to six month schools. one three year school. and three two year schools. All the schools require some funding-from bus fares to meals. to clothing and bedding for the students. to salaries for the teachers who arc also full-time preachers. This means that we need a few dollars for nearly any one-day school to as much as $600-$850 dollars per month for the longer more advanced schools with dormitory space for 15-35 students.


We send these trained men out to do their work-their ministries. We follow-up on all of our graduates as often as possible. The follow-up is often done by experienced native preachers since there are just too many men for us Americans to see personally. I began working with 45 native preachers who had been converted and trained by Brother J. C. Bailey and Charles Scott---both missionaries with whom I also worked. Today, we have a work force of over 23.000 native Gospel preachers. We give all the glory to God. He has done a mighty work in our day and age. Of these men, we (including 6 other full-time American team members who work with us, and who arc responsible for their own India mission work budgets) support less than 220 native preachers. Most get $50.00 per month, a few get $75.00 per month, and fewer still get $100.00 or more per month. Those who are supported are necessary to assist all of the American missionaries in doing our campaign work, in teaching at our schools of preaching, and in serving as our interpreters. Juanita and I support, through the work funds we raise, 25 full time native preachers.


There are approximately 35-40 American preachers who are full-time in the Indian Mission Work. Of these Juanita and I work with a team of eight. Among those are Ron and Karen Clayton of Hamilton., Alabama. Ron and I founded our team in 1987 and have worked together in harmony all of these years. Our other full-time team members are: Robert Hall, Hen Renegar, Jerry Edwards and Kyle Clayton. Each man is separately responsible for raising his own funds including his own salary. We do not co-mingle funds. We are each responsible to our own Elderships.


We co-operate, but are independent and may work wherever and with whomever we choose. meaning, other faithful Americans and Indian brethren in the work. This is God's work. We are His co-workers. None of the Indian brethren belong to me or to any other American missionary or team of workers. All of us, Indians and Americans, arc God's people and brethren washed in the precious blood of our Savior Jesus Christ.


Juanita and I go to India each year during January through March and late July through mid-September. (Dates will vary due to circumstances at a given time.) When we are in the states we are busy most of the time fund-raising and reporting to brethren who support us in the India mission work.


I hope this brief explanation will be of help to you in understanding our mission work. We would be honored if we may be of service to you in the India Mission Work. If we may visit with you and/or your congregation to show you some slides or have a power point presentation of our work we would be pleased to do so. Of course. we seek your payers and financial help in carrying out this part of the Great Commission. and invite you to go with us on a short mission trip to India We can customize a trip to fit your talents. the time you have available, and the funds you may be able to contribute (or raise) to cover your journey and work with us.


As noted above we need construction funds and support for schools of preaching, we also need funds for evangelism and benevolence. Benevolence includes numerous needs ranging from food for the starving in famine affected areas, rye glasses and surgeries to save sight for poor brethren who have no means to help themselves, and to providing the basic necessities for those who have lost their houses (usually thatched roof huts of the poor) due to Hoods resulting from hurricanes or monsoons which begin early in June and usually are finished in late October. The work has many other needs such as sewing machines for preacher's wives to help gain a little income from tailoring. There is a pressing need for communion trays with cups for the many new congregations. We need funds to print 15,000 song books ... the songs. In the Telegu language, have been mostly written by our Indian brethren ... the editing for our new 20 II edition is completed, and is ready for the press ... but is in need of funding at sixty-five cents per copy or $9.750.00 for the entire run.


Kum Ba Ya my Lord,

KumBa Ya.

Someone's crying Lord, "Kum Ba Ya."

Come by here my Lord, Come by here.


Many in India and in other nations as well, are seeking the Lord. There is an excitement and reason for urgency to seize the moment. It is a time of salvation for thousands crying out to the Lord especially in India This is our time ... God is wanting to use us--you and me-all of us who name the name of Christ to reach the lost. Many now lost are turning to God. Let us be there for them. Juanita and I have answered the Lord's call and said, "Here am I; send me!" But as the Apostle Paul observed by divine inspiration: "How are they to hear without someone to proclaim Him? And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent 7 " (Romans 10: 14-15.)


The work is vast. There is so much to do. More than that, the work is waiting on us ... we do not have to seek it... it is crying out to be done. The workers are few and the funds are limited. However, even in this time of a great depression, our God can set a table in the desert (Psalm 78: 19)! May God bless you and prosper your way. Remember the poor widow who gave all she had ... remember the birds of the air who neither sow nor reap yet (god cares for them. He will also supply our needs. Of the baskets left over there will be funds to reach the lost, and to satisfy the needs of all the brethren. The needs are great and many are urgent. Will you please send a check today?


Grace and Peace

Jerris N. Bullard, Missionary



Thank you for your generosity. Your gifts will overflow in thanksgivings to God (2 Corinthians 9: 12). May I commend for your reading the two chapters concerning Paul's collection for the brethren-2 Corinthians 8 and 9. May his words bless you in this grace ... this mission among the Hindus.


20011 Campaign Results



Report - August, 2010

img 1281581894 937

Dear Brethren,

"I'm back in the saddle again...out where a friend is a friend.” What a great song by Gene Autry. Following a long year of sickness, those wonderful lyrics, by the singing cowboy, are the music of our hearts. By the grace of God Juanita and I are fully back! She is cancer free, and arthritis surgery has greatly relieved much of the pain in my right hand. Thanks to so many of our readers who have supported us by means of prayers, cards, and emails.

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