Welcome to the Imphal School of Preaching website:

You will be introduced here to a large, world-wide family of those who are committed to serving God by being trained or training others to learn, live, and share God's word. You will first be introduced to the faculty and students in our resident school, the flagship of Imphal ministries. This key school and its growing numbers of people must remain healthy and strong in order for all the other ministries to be viable. Welcome to the Imphal family circle!You have chosen to investigate one of the oldest and finest biblical and ministry training programs in our brotherhood in the North-Eastern Region of India. This ministry exists by the grace of God and His work through Brother Jerris N. Bullard, Missionary to India and many faithful congregations and Christian individuals. All the glory goes to God for anything that has or will be accomplished at Imphal. We are truly blessed and thus must be truly grateful.

We try to pay attention to people and relationships as well as academic pursuits. From our administrative team down, we charge everyone to be accountable, and to be good stewards of the rich blessings that flow from a benevolent God and from our wonderful spiritual heritage. Keep in mind that our school is not perfect, because it is made up of imperfect students, staff, faculty, and administration. However, we are committed to "pressing on" toward perfection and Christ-likeness and to help others to do so (Colossians 1:28).

As you search through this website you may be a bit overwhelmed at all of the information. We encourage you to look beyond information and actions to our core values and our commitments. May God richly bless your journey!

The prayers of the administration and faculty of Imphal School of Preaching on your behalf are well expressed in the prayers of the Apostle Paul. Paul prayed, as we do, that certain qualities would develop in the lives of God

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