Situated in the downtown of Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, proper location, ideal environment, and with tranquil campus, the Imphal School of Preaching is an institution where young and prospective learners of the Word are mended and moulded towards perfection on their way to the present and for their way to life eternity.

As the motto of the school (Colossians 1:28) suggests, we do not only preach, but also warn and teach every man in all wisdom, that every man be perfect in Christ, the ever greatest Master. Here, we have a limited students in a session/course, for we lay more emphasis on the quality than the quantity. Also keeping this in mind, the present ratio of teachers and member of students is as good as 1:4.

So, if you are the lovers of Truth, you are the right person to stay with us for just two short years, to learn and equipt with the true doctrine of the New Testament Christianity.

You are warmly welcome!

Dr. T. Siamlian, B.A., M. Div.
Principal, I.S.P.
Cell: +91 9436291027

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