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Thank you for your patience.


Rules and Regulation for Hostel

The school provides hostel accommodations for its students. The basic furniture supplied in the hostel are:

  1. Wooden Bed
  2. Table
  3. Chair
  4. Book Shelf
  5. Ceiling-bulb

Student must bring their own mattresses, beddings, mosquito-nets and any other basic utensils necessary for use in the hostel life. In order that the hostel might be properly maintained and served the best interest of all hostellers, the following rules and regulations have been laid down which must be observed:

  1. All the school students must stay in the hostel.
  2. No hosteller is allowed to change the room assigned to him without the prior approval of the Principal/Director.
  3. Each room is under the responsibility of the student who occupies the room. Damages of the provided furniture and the room will be duly fined.
  4. Each student is responsible to keep his room neat and clean. The Superintendent/Principal shall check every morning to see that the occupants clean the room properly.
  5. Toilet should always be kept clean. It must be washed with water before and after use.
  6. Each room must be properly locked by the occupants when the occupants are away for class or other purposes.
  7. No guest will be entertained in the hostel without prior permission of the Principal/Director.
  8. All student/hostellers are required to present in their respective room by 05:00 p.m. veryday during school session. The hostel Superintendent/Director shall check or round at 08:30 every night and any student/ hosteller found absent in the time of checking will be dealt with the appropriate action except the night if worship Services is held in the Chapel.
  9. No visitor is allowed to enter the hostel without the prior permission of Principal/Director.
  10. The school students/hostellers are asked to take care of their belongings. Any lost of perty or damages due to carelessness cannot by any means be claimed from the School.
  11. No person other than the students will be permitted to stay in the school Hostel.
  12. No hosteller is allowed to disturb other fellow. Hostellers by making noise, by playing and the like.
  13. Visitors other than parents of the school are not allowed to see the student during study hours. If such visitors wish to see the student prior permission must be obtain from the school Principal/ Superintendent then the meeting could be done in the appointed place by the school. If such visitors break this rule the student(s) concerned will face necessary punishment.
  14. No hosteller is allowed to practice bad habits like bad language, chewing betel nut, smoking, khaini and any other kind of intoxicating liquor, drug abuse etc.



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