:     Brother Jerris Bullard's book concerning "The History of the Church of Christ in India" is currently being revised and expanded.   It is to be hoped that it will be available by December  2019 or January 2020.  Currently it is not available, but  a list is being maintained by Jerris and will be made available to those who have requested it as soon as the book is revised.  Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

Thank you for your patience.



To everything there is a season” (Eccl 3:1-8). “A time to be born—a time to die,a time to  plant—a time to pluck what is planted,a time to gain—a time to lose…a time to keep silence—a  time to speak.”God made every thing beautiful in its TIME. A multi-national company in the USA works during the day & at night turns over its work to India. In this way the company is working around the clock. God gave 24 hours each day for everyone—& if you don’t do the important things while you have the time, you may live to regret it.


For everything there is a season & time, butthere will never be a bad time to do a good thing. The Bible says to “preach the Gospel…in season & out of season” (2 Tim 4:2). And like many companies work around the clock, it seems that our Gospel team in India is working in much the same way. Some of our Gospel meetings end by midnight & some begin at midnight. When I spoke to a congregation on my 1st  Sunday in America, I told them: “In the USA a preacher goes with time, but in India, time goes with a preacher.” Many people are too time-conscious & are not as God-conscious as they ought to be.

I have great respect & love for the USA & the American brethren & missionaries. Without Bro. Ron Clayton & his mission team (Robert Hall, Ben Renegar, Kyle Clayton & all the others) working in India, I would not be a Christian today—& the same is true for many thousands of other people in India.Many thousands of Christians in India are very, very grateful to all of you who have helped Bro. Ron & this team in making this work possible. We are very, very thankful for each & every dollar you have been donating for this work to help the people of India to know the truth of the Gospel. Bro. Ron & his team’s wonderful services to India should be written with golden letters in modern church history.

As I love the congregations in USA, I can’t control myself; I must give this advice. I know it’s not easy to increase numbers in the congregations, but please work hard to teach others the Gospel, & to protect those with us now. From older folks to children, let’s protect them with the Scriptures. Let’s everybody give their best to rebuild our congregations in USA, while we are trying to build strong churches in India with your help. It’s time to do more. It is time to give more. It is time to pray more. Let’s enter into 2008 with renewed minds & spirits. This is the season to grow. --G. Jyothi Raju(India)--

NOTE: Bro. G. Jyothi Raju is one of the finest preachers working on our team. He is a graduate of National Bible College in Madras (Chennai), and formerly taught in one of our branches of Carl Crosser Memorial Institute of Biblical Studies. He is a valued translator and a dear friend. We have reported on his work in this newsletter before–especially in the “7 Sisters” (the northeastern states of India) where the work can be very difficult (just getting from one place to another). Jyothi is in the USA now to help us report to churches and to find help for our work. He is now staying with Robert Hall. Robert called me (I am now in India) and told me that Jyothi wanted to write an article for the newsletter. I was delighted. I had no idea what he wanted to write about. This article was his idea, and has been edited only slightly. Comments about me or other American team members were not solicited nor edited in any manner.


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