If you have arrived here, you are looking for a way to assist in this work. Our support comes from individual members of the Churches of Christ.  From these we solicit support and prayers.  Since the work we do is the Lord's Work and is sponsored by the Eldership of the Manassas Church of Christ, we do not seek any monetary means from other than those who understand and agree with those things that we teach to the lost souls on the Indian Continent. 

If you wish to support this long standing work, there are many ways to do this and they are listed below.  

A monthly donation is the most effective and most needed method to assist in this work.  Since we need to make a budget, just like everyone else, then a regular amount is much easier to make some plans with.  

But any help is very effective and very much appreciated.

Ways to Help:

  1. Monthly or Quarterly Gifts
  2. One Time Donations
  3. Voluntary Work
  4. Traveling to India with the Bullards (Detail available by phone of email) 
  5. Estate Planning to leave a portion of your estate toward this work (see below)


Donations can be mailed to:

Make any checks payable to: Manassas Church of Christ


Monthly or Quarterly Pledges

Please fill out this form when making a monthly pledge.GO HERE


Creating a Will

To plan for assistance of this work in you estate through the

McLean Church of Christ South Asian Missionary Fund

please contact the Elders at the Manassas Church of Christ at (703) 368-2622.

One of our Elders can discuss how this process can be set up.

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