:     Brother Jerris Bullard's book concerning "The History of the Church of Christ in India" is currently being revised and expanded.   It is to be hoped that it will be available by December  2019 or January 2020.  Currently it is not available, but  a list is being maintained by Jerris and will be made available to those who have requested it as soon as the book is revised.  Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

Thank you for your patience.


IMG 2015 List of Programs started and supported by the group.
  • Evangelistic preaching and home Bible studies with non-members.
  • City Evangelism - Gospel meetings in homes and church buildings with non- Christians interested in learning about Christ's church.
  • Village evangelism -- evangelistic preaching to Hindus and denominational churches
  • Kate Cabe Memorial Bible Institute -- our preacher training school where more that 22,500 men attend bible classes one day per week, attending classes (2 to 4 hours per class). We have about 1,612 branches of KCMBI in 9 states and 1 union territory in 11 languages.
  • Supplying native Indian preachers with needed tools to preach the gospel to their own people (such as bicycles, New Testaments, Bibles, Gospel literature, etc.).
  • Special preacher assistance -- we help with medical bills and benevolence for needy Indian preachers.
  • Follow-up work with new as well as older congregations to build strong, lasting work, including assistance with construction of church buildings.
  • Free medical clinic -- medical care for preachers and their families (as well as other Christians).
  • India Bible School -- (similar to World Bible School) in 7 different languages and with Indian teachers.
  • Printing Gospel literature of various kinds in several Indian languages, as well as in English.
  • Karen Primaty School - This is a school for slum area children in Hyderabad, who (because of family poverty) are unable to attend school anywhere else (one way to create opportunities to lead precious souls to Christ).
  • Ellen Carthen Memorial Medical Clinic - 2 branches (1 in the Shapoomagar area of Hyderabad and a 2nd in Yerragondapalem of Prakash am District, both In Andhra Pradesh), giving free medical care and medicines to those who are poor and needy.
  • Carl Crosser Memorial Institute fo Biblical Studies - these are our Bible boot camps" (3-month schools) conducted at 5 locations: Thubadu (Guntur Dist.); Markapur and Pangulur (Prakasham Dist.); and Hyderabad (Jagathgirigutta Hllls) -all In Andhra Pradesh; and, 1 in Bldar (Kamataka). Each batch trains 25 to 40 students; each school conducts 3 batches per year (a total of 15 batches). Our plan is that by the end of 2008, all KCMBI teachers will have been trained at CCMIBS, regardless of any other training they may have received. Additional schools are being considered for the future.
  • Denominational Preachers' Seminars - designed to reach denominational preachers who have had a good deal of teaching and who show an interest in learning more about the church of the New Testament.
  • Harvey Cabe Memorial Children's Home -- There are 3 branches of this home (Markapur and Chirala in Praksaham District , and Thubadu in Guntur District all in Andhra Pradesh), caring for about 1 20 children. These children are provided with food, education, clothing, shelter, medicalcare-and a lot of love! They are taught God's Word daily, and are taught Christian values and to pray and to rely upon God. You can be a "foster parent" for only $25 per month.
  • Gospel film teams -- showing a full length motion picture (produced in India) about the life of Christ in various languages. Since India produces more motion pictures per year that any other country in the world (up to 1,000 per year), this has proven to be very effective (through 2007 some 125,000 people have been converted using this film).  
  • Haslam-Fulford Memorial Preachers' Lectures are held annually in selected cities for intensive training, especially for newly converted preachers and key leaders in the Lord's church.
  • Intensive Preacher Training School -- a 3 month school, conducted in Surypet (in the state of Andrha Pradesh). Each session sees 25 former denominational preachers trained and grounded in the New Testament and Restoration principles.
  • Women Helping Women -- various programs designed to help people learn skills to provide for their families, and to reach those who normally would not attend Gospel meetings-(Hindus and Muslims). These ministries include: (1) Lahoma Crosser Memorial Tailoring Institute-25 branches, providing sewing machines and other equipment to train women in tailoring; (2) Women in Ministry-providing financial support for Christian women to conduct evangelistic ladies' classes and home Bible studies (a woman can enter a woman's home in India when a man cannot); (3) Educational Fund-to help poor Christian youth to further their education and prepare them for a brighter future, by breaking the cycle of dependency and poverty.
  • Violet's Kids - a foster home in Bangalore caring for "dustbin children" (thrown into trashcans, left at railway stations and bus depots). These children receive love and care, along with food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care in a Christian environment.

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