:     Brother Jerris Bullard's book concerning "The History of the Church of Christ in India" is currently being revised and expanded.   It is to be hoped that it will be available by December  2019 or January 2020.  Currently it is not available, but  a list is being maintained by Jerris and will be made available to those who have requested it as soon as the book is revised.  Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

Thank you for your patience.



September 26, 2016


Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ.   We are partners in likely the greatest evangelistic mission that history has experienced.    God is doing a mighty work in our own time and with you and us as His co-workers.    We have experienced nearly one-half of a million souls baptized this year.  We are praying that by year's end we will have seen one million baptisms in 2016.   

Juanita and I have had several health issues this year.  We thank you for your patience with us as the Lord has rebuilt our health.  Juanita is completing her therapy to learn how to walk again following her left hip replacement.  Her recovery from this surgery has taken much longer than we had anticipated.  Your prayers, cards,  and other forms of encouragement have meant so much to us.  God has been gracious and we are both able to be doing the work again.  Of course, much has been done in the interval and we feel that we have accomplished most of our goals for the mission work which we had planned with the Indian brethren  while we were with them during January through February.  The Indian brethren have been very wonderful in communicating with us by telephone and Email in order to accomplish all the work we asked them to do.     

We are planning to visit as many brethren as we can during October, November, and the first half of December. Those supporters whom we cannot personally visit during this time will receive a CD which will provide much of the same information as we would share with the congregation in a personal visit.  The Lord willing we will return to India on January 12, 2017.  Following our return home sometime in March, we will do our best to visit those supporters whom we have not been able to see in 2016.   We really want to do this.  We miss the person relationship with each of you. 













  • Above Statistics are for January 1--August 19, 2016.
  • Average meetings per day 1,044
  • Average baptisms per day 2,015  souls.
  • Average baptized per meeting 1.93 souls.

(Our thanks to Ron Clayton and his office staff in Hyderabad for the above campaign report.)   




Please be in prayer for our Indian brethren and for their nation which has experienced  severe flooding as a result of monsoon rains.   Many  brethren have lost all of their personal effects:  clothing,  cooking utensils,  television sets, books, and bedding.   In some homes water has been as high as six feet.  (This is very similar to the floods in Louisiana.)  There is a shortage of food and medical supplies including their daily tablets.  There  are large scale outbreaks of malaria and denque fever (denque is carried by the same Egypti Mosquito that causes zika).  We need to supply funds for benevolence.   We  have several brethren who wish to provide medical camps for their affected neighbors and church members, but they have no funds with which to purchase needed medical supplies and medicines.  Please be as generous as possible and help us with this need.



We do not maintain a large back-up of capital.  Every month we send your gifts directly to our bank account in India where it is immediately dispersed to the most pressing needs.  On average we send $18,000.00 dollars per month to our Indian brethren.  This is for every conceivable expense that one may think of for operating a large mission work.  As an example consider these urgent needs, and as the Indian brethren say, "pray...and then do the needful."

1.  Completion of construction of two buildings in Bagdogra (China border area)--   $30,000.00 dollars.

2.  Printing of 10,000 song books in the Telegu language at $1.25 per hardback copy.  $12,500.00 dollars. 

3. Benevolence for flood victims; eye glasses, numerous serious medical problems,  food and clothing.  $12,000.00 dollars. 


Evangelism-- winter Campaign 2017--beginning January 12, 2017:  Airfares for the Bullards--$8,000.00 dollars. 

Eight major 2017 campaigns involving hundreds of Indian preachers--daily support, travel, meals, hotels, Bibles for distribution, and bicycles for preachers.  $18,000.00 dollars.

The needs are great and urgent.  Please help as soon as possible.  Thanks...your gift is appreciated, needed, and we do not take your sacrifice for granted.                           


I am reminded of a note received from Hollye Clardy.  In the note,  Hollye  wrote, "I am praying for the Billions of lost souls."      Is it too much for us to pray that one million souls may be baptized in India this year?  May we all have the faith of sister Clardy.

The gospel is free, but we must pay the "piper".  Please pray and give as generously as possible...souls are at stake.   We are on the Master's  business!

"Give Me Souls Or I Die."--"Praying"   John Hyde

Grace and Peace,

Jerris Bullard, Missionary




 Joe and Rosemary Capshaw-60TH--Boerne Texas



Bobby Redd--Lake  City, Ga.                                               Jerry Wilson --Manassas, VA


PSALMS 116: 15.....REVELATION 14: 13


June 28, 2016
Dear Brethren,
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have now reached mid-year. Where does the time go? May the Lord give us the grace to live each day fully to His glory (Ps. 118: 24). ,. The work in India is proceeding well, as a look at the figures on page 2 show. As a result of the hard work of our Team’s 25,000 native Indian preachers 1,811 souls are being baptized and added to the body of Christ every day. Your generous gifts make it possible for us to support 27 native Indian preachers full-time, as well as printing thousands of song books, and constructing needed church buildings, providing thousands of brethren a place of worship, training, and service. Thank you for being a partner in-preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying people.
Juanita has long suffered from a bad left-hip. She is scheduled for surgery to replace it on June 28th, about the time you receive this newsletter. (You may see our July Monthly Briefing [this communication feature is discussed further on] to learn of Juanita’s medical condition following her hip surgery.) Please keep her in your prayers that she will soon be up and about. We miss seeing you and look forward to when Juanita recovers so that we may again be able to visit all the brethren who support us in this great work of God. By the grace of God we hope to return to India in January 2017.
In the meantime, we ask that you continue to support the work as genérously as you can. On behalf of our poor brethren in India, we are most grateful for your kindness.


We employ a variety of means to communicate with all who help us in this great Mission work. Those who contribute funds receive an immediate letter of appreciation. In addition to a genuine word of thanks this letter contains an update concerning the work, sometimes a mission anecdote, and a note indicating where we may need funds as soon as possible, for example, campaigns to win souls or printing of song books or construction needs, or benevolence requests.
We are also aware that many on our mailing list receive only a quarterly newsletter from us. Many desire to hear from us more frequently. In order to address this need we will begin, in July, a new feature. This will be a brief on-line update, available to anyone who wishes to read it. We maintain a webpage at You may access our new “Monthly Briefing” there. We hope you will go to the site often. You may also write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Brother John Murphy, a member at Manassas Church of Christ, is our webmaster.


MEETINGS - 158,721
BAPTISMS - 306,009
Our thanks to Ron Clayton and his office staff in Hyderabad for their diligent efforts in obtaining our Team’s results. We thank God for the work that has been done, and for the salvation of these souls we give Him all the glory.


We normally experience a summer “slump in contributions. However, this year we really do need your regular support to continue. Please do your best to help us.
We need $10,000. 00 per month for the construction of a church building and new school of preaching at Bagdogra. We are improving the facilities of our school of preaching at Pamidipadu--$5,000 per month-- by adding a combination hall for dining and which may also be used as a large lecture classroom. These essential buildings will require $15,000.00 per month to construct from July through December 2016. Please contact me for any needed details.
We now have in print 25,000 copies of our hardback Telegu songbook. We need 5,000 more urgently. They cost $1.25 each. We need to give at least 3 songbooks to many congregations, which have no printed songbooks or have only “inexpensive” paperback books or Xerox copies of songs, as we can. We have also printed 500 copies (at a cost of $1.85 each) of brother Ed Wharton’s book, Church of Christ, translated BY K. Vandanam. There is an immediate need to print 1,000 more copies to be distributed in our Schools of Preaching, and to denominational preachers who will attend our campaigns for Christ. This book has proven itself in such classes to teach people of faith. ..denominational preachers more fully the Word of God.
Additional tools which are needed to support campaigns and local congregations include bicycles for preachers ($65.00 each); Bibles ($4.00 each) in the local- native Languages; and, plastic communion cups and communion trays made in India--a tray and 200 cups cost about $9.00.
Benevolence is always needed for diabetes, strokes/hospital care; glasses; and, tablets-medicine of various sorts. On average benevolence is given at $900.00 per month.
God has blessed us with a large, fruitful work for His glory. He provides for all needs through His people whom He blessés generously (Luke 12: 48). Thank you for praying about these matters and helping as you can.


The Great Commission is in our hands. Every member of the church desires to obey it. One means of doing this is to enable others to go. We also can multiply our efforts by supporting the India Mission.
The people of India possibly travel more than any other people. They are going to every country in the world. As the brethren travel they also take the Gospel...and often go to places where we are reluctant to visit such as the Middle East, Pacific Islands, African nations, and China. May God raise up “Priscilla and Acquila” among the India brethren. They will give meaning to the expression, “Pass the bread” because they know Jesus is the Bread of Life, and they will give Him to the hungry (John 6: 29-35, 40).
Graceand Peace
Jerris Bullard, India Missionary
“If my conversion was insane, blessed be insanity.”
--Nehemiah (Nilakantha) Goreh, 1825-1895
A Hindu--Brahman, Nehemiah was abused and persecuted for his baptism into Christ, socially ostracized, and declared “dead” by his family and friends at the age of 23.
Washington, D.C.
Gainesville, Virginia


Dear Brethren,

DENGUE FEVER. The sound of it strikes an ominous note. The reality of having it is unimaginable. Yet that is what Dr. D. D. said when he reported my lab work. That’s not all he said.   He told me I had one of four Dengue viruses: It is caused by the bite of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito (which is related to the mosquitoes that cause Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus—Fever). All of these fevers may be fatal. Dengue Fever causes the body to use up an excessive number of its platelets in its fight to kill out the virus. In doing this the platelets may be depleted and hemorrhagic bleeding will occur. Once that happens there is no way to stop it so the patient dies.    


One thing I like about Indian doctors is their directness. There is no long wait for answers. I had a lab test and knew the results and prognosis within three hours.

Dr. D. D. is a Neurologist. That was good because Dengue Fever attacks the brain and nervous system. The doctor said that I would likely have problems with the use of my arms, hands, and legs. Within two days I could not write…or print my name. I could barely walk and found it almost impossible to take a shower…my legs trembled like jelly, and Juanita had to help me dress.    

From being told I was possibly in a fatal condition, to hearing, eight days later, “you are going to survive” was a journey of faith, hope, and fervent prayer by numerous brethren, plus the merciful grace of our loving God.

We were only half-way through our Summer Mission to India, but Dr. D. D. said, “You must get out of India…it is essential that you reduce your risk and not get Dengue Fever again or Malaria or any other disease from which you will not survive in your present weakened condition.” Following ten days in the hospital we needed no more motivation to return home, but Dr. D. D. had provided the added incentive. We left India three days later via Paris (where I had to rest for three days) and on to London where an additional rest stop, as recommended by Dr. D. D., was made.

The effects of Dengue Fever have lingered longer than I expected. Dr. D. D. said my leg muscles would likely be the last thing to recover and “that might take months or even years.” Here I would like to say, “I am doing mostly ok and am finally, after eight weeks, able to do a full day’s work. God has been gracious. Many have prayed for both Juanita and me, and God has heard you and raised me up from the deathbed.   We are grateful.  

During all this time Juanita was also a patient with me, and in the same hospital room. She had a burning fever but not Dengue Fever. In fact, though lab tests were performed, her fever was never diagnosed. She responded well to her medicines (which were little more than guesses—shall I say, “intuition” on the part of Dr. D. D.). She did require 5-6 days of care, and then it seems that the good doctor just thought it best that she remain in the room with me for the duration. I was so glad he did that!   There’s no better medicine for a sick man than to have his loving wife with him.

No doubt you would like to know the cost of all the above. The total cost for two patients with all the lab tests you might mention, medicines, IVS, doctor’s bill, and ten days hospital bill in a room for two, was a total of $785.00 dollars. The LalithaSuperSpecialtyHospital, in Gunter, Andra Pradesh is well recognized, certified by a government qualified Indian Medical Agency, and with excellent equipment.   Enough good cannot be said about their staff of nurses, doctors, and interns.



Since 1978 I have not faced such a situation. Normally we do reporting and fund-raising from the third week of October until the first week of January. This year we cannot do that. On the job illness has taken both our time and our energy. Therefore, we must appeal to your understanding and ask for your patience with us.

We want desperately to see all of our supporters, but that cannot happen this year. Again, we are late getting on the road, and there are not enough Sundays and Wednesdays to get the job done. So we must appeal to you through this newsletter, telephone calls, e-mails, and any other creative way we can think of …though Juanita says she is not getting into a hot air balloon and waving a banner promoting our need for funds for the India work over the whole eastern USA!   Please send me your ideas, we need help.

Allow me to simply say, we need your support for the India work. What you have done in 2012 is commendable. However, we have experienced some losses due to the economy and to at least four congregations losing members from moves and deaths. Please consider for 2013 continuing your help as an individual or as a congregation. If God has prospered your way we would ask that you consider increasing your gift to help make up our losses. The Apostle Paul urges us to remember our brethren in Macedonia:

Who voluntarily gave according to their means, and even beyond their means, begging us earnestly for the privilege of sharing in this ministry to the saints—and this, not merely as we expected; they gave themselves first to the Lord and, by the will of God, to us.

--2 Corinthians 8: 3-5            

We plan to return to India leaving the USA on January 8, 2013. We have $27,000 dollars on hand and must raise $45,000 to meet our budget of $72,000 by December 31, 2012. The budget is ambitious, but realistic when we consider the growth of the work.


January 1, 2012---October 29, 2012

60,195 102,371 359  78

Average number baptized per meeting = 1.

(My thanks are expressed to Ron Clayton, our co-worker, and to his office staff in Hyderabad who collect the Statistics from 25,000 Indian preachers in 15 states of India. The above figures are the combined results of our entire India Mission Team, and not my individual efforts alone, which again, are included with the reports of our entire Team of both Indian and full and part-time American workers.) To God is all the glory.


All of the above results were made possible by your prayers and monetary gifts. Mission work is our response to the Lord’s Great Commission, but it cannot be done without money…a lot of it. Someone has noted: “The Gospel is free, but we have to pay for the ‘piper’ ”.

Briefly, we must pay for our air-fares, hotels, and meals. Then there are the needs of Indian brethren who travel with us, serving as interpreters and organizers of campaigns for Christ—again costs involve hotels, meals, transportation, and a small “gift” for their work. There are larger outlays of cash for construction costs of church buildings and/or schools of preaching. Benevolence—eye glasses and payments for various life saving surgeries are often requested.   We supply bicycles for preachers, and Bibles (printed in their native languages) which are purchased in India. This year, 2013, will see us print some 10,000 copies of a hardcover song book (which we have carefully and thoroughly edited over a period of four years) with hundreds of hymns written by our India brethren as well as favorite English songs which they have translated. Our new song book will be primarily in the Telegu language, but will also contain from 15-40 songs each in five other major native Indian languages as well. Printing of the songbooks will cost about 0.75 cents per book. Thanks for all you do.      



It is a great pleasure to inform you that brother and Sister Steve and Renee Gaudreau will be with us in India during January and February 2013. The Gaudreau are faithful members at the Manassas, Virginia Church of Christ (our sponsoring church and Eldership). They are both known for their knowledge of the Word of God, and for their ability to teach the Bible as well. Please be in prayer for them as they make this first journey of what we hope and pray will become a regular annual evangelistic effort of theirs to India. May the Lord bless them with a wonderful and productive work in His field that is white unto harvest?


Grace and Peace,

Jerris Bullard, Missionary  

In Memory of Those Who Encouraged Our Work

Albert Gardner Kennet, Missouri

Kushmawathi, wife of

long-time preacher, P. J. Joseph

Bidar, Karnataka, India
Neil Lightfoot  Abilene, Texas

IMG 2088

Dear Brethren,

“You’re just a stiff-necked Pharisee.” (I guess that got your attention, didn’t it?) That is what one of our jovial elders jokingly said to me the first Sunday I was able to attend worship following my neck surgery--necessitated by chronic arthritis--fusion of vertebraes #s 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 back in the month of March. Though it has taken awhile to get going again, I am pleased to inform you that I am, by your prayers and the grace of God, well and about the work.


Concerning the work I actually missed very little time. The only restrictions I had to observe were to limit my lifting anything weighing more than five pounds, leaning my head backward, and preaching. “Preaching,” you may rightfully wonder at this. I did but not for long. You see neck surgery is done from the front side, that is an incision was made near my vocal chords and a host of instruments were inserted along with two titanium metal strips which were then attached to the affected vertebrae to “fuse--stiffen” them. (Hence, our brother’ s greeting to me -- I wish I could be so clever.) The “plates” which were attached to my vertebrae, plus the necessary pressure by the surgeon, pressing on my throat, and especially the vocal chords, caused severe trouble with swallowing and even speaking for a few minutes on the telephone. It can now be said that this is all behind me, and I am anxious to be fully engaged in the work once again.

However, before proceeding to the work report, I feel a compelling need to tell you about Juanita’s health. During the same time as my recovery was taking place Juanita had left eye cataract surgery. (She had the right eye done in 2010.) We fully expected this surgery to be uneventful, wrong! To begin with there was trouble with a medical assistant who over medicated Juanita’s eye. Then there was some equipment failure--the machine used to measure the lens necessary for a proper fit to the new implant. Following her surgery infection became a problem and continues to be. We have been told Juanita’s eye may not be completely well before the end of September. It is a serious problem and one for which we solicit your fervent prayers. The doctor has assured Juanita that she can also be about her work, and “not to be overly concerned” since in his experience this type problem is normally better in three months. This does not offer as much comfort as it normally would since the doctor expressed great surprise to see the problem develop in the first place and then to persist as much as it has.

I suppose that by now you are feeling our pain so much that you are in need of two big Tylenols. Thank you one and all who sent us cards of encouragement, wrote emails, and made telephone calls to us while we convalesced. You have also been so thoughtful to continue your regular contributions. Thank you for saving me from the anxiety of raising funds during this time of recovery by continuing your regular monthly gifts. Your trust and confidence in us is greatly appreciated by the Manassas Elders, the Indian brethren and Juanita and myself.

As we are in the habit of doing we have wired (under the supervision of the Manassas Elders, of course) about $9,900 dollars per month for the various works, necessary support for our Indian preachers, and campaigns for Christ going on in many places in India. The work is big. To God be all the glory.


January 1, through June 8, 2013









  • Average number of Gospel meetings per day 510
  • Average number baptized per meeting 1.8
  • Average number of baptisms per day 900.6

          And day by day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved. Acts. 2:47



JAMES 4: 13-15

We plan to begin visiting among brethren to report on our work and to seek their fmancial gifts to provide for the needs noted below. We hope to see brethren in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia during June and July. Then we will hope to report to congregations in North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama during September. October will see us in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Finally, during November we will call on supporters in Ohio, Indianapolis, Tennessee, and again in West Virginia. December will fmd us home where we will remain until we depart for India in January 20 14. This is roughly our plans (subject to sudden change) and, of course, our prayer is that God’s will be done.


1. Campaign Funds. We are about soul-winning. The Gospel is free, but we have to pay the expenses for the “Piper.” Romans 10: 14-17 speaks eloquently on this matter.

Immediate need $10,000.00

2. Construction for the Bhopal School of Preaching. The building is one-half constructed. We need to complete a dormitory room for eight students, the kitchen and dining room, plus a guest room for visiting preachers who will stay in the building for a month at a time while they are teaching their selected course.

Immediate need $15,000.00

3. Student preacher support for six students at Kurnool School of Preaching, and eight students in our Bhopal School of Preaching at $45.00 per month per student. (Calculations: 14 students X 3 months X $45.00 per month.)

Immediate need $1,890.00

4. Printing of song books. There is an urgent need to print 5,000 song books. We have an excellent, well edited hymnal in the Telegu language. Fifteen thousand copies of our song book have been published over the past three years. The plates are ready and with the printer. This is a hard-back book and can be printed for ninety-cents ($0.90) per copy.

Immediate need $4,500.00

5. Benevolence. We have three sisters who are all preachers wives, and each is in urgent need of medical help. One needs brain surgery. Another requires oxygen for use at home without which she cannot live. The third is suffering crippling arthritis and will likely be paralyzed if costly medications for which the family has no means of paying, is not provided soon.

Immediate needs $3,000.00

6. Preachers and Teachers’ Support. We support only 25 native, Indian Preachers and Bible teachers in our Team’s schools of preaching. These are all long overdue for some support increase. None have received an increase in their support in 3-5 years. Most of our preachers receive between $75.00 and $100.00 per month.. .three receive $150.00 and one $200.00 per month. For those receiving below $150.00 per month we are proposing that they each need an additional $15.00 per month. (Calculations: 21 men X $15.00X3 months.)

Immediate quarterly need $945.00

7. India Mission Budget for 2014. It is time for us to begin accumulating funds for our Winter 2014 Mission to India. Our estimate for this major work covering the first three months of the year is $73,000.00. Our experience going back to 1978 shows it will take us six months to accumulate the needed funds. We must begin now--in July-- to accomplish the goal.

Monthly need $12,166.00

The above items are but a few of the concerns which are pressing. Please pray about these matters.. .those in need are our brethren.. . our spiritual family-in-Christ.


This wonderful couple, who are members at the Manassas Virginia Church of Christ, made their first mission to India with Juanita and myself this year. They were very well received by the Indian brethren. In fact, they are “naturals” for this work. It is their desire to do the work full-time, and it is also our prayer that they will be able to do so. They are both retired military, and are seeking support for their India mission work funds. In summary, the work funds pay for their Air fares, hotels, car rentals, and the expenses of the Indian brethren who work directly with the missionaries to conduct campaigns. The Gaudreaus need for their planned Winter 2014 Mission is $20,000. They are in need of contacts. If you are able to supply them with the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of individuals as well as congregations who may be able to help them this would be appreciated. They may be reached through me or by contacting the Elders at the Manassas Church of Christ office. Please see the address and telephone on this letterhead.


Susan Foy--Manassas, Virginia

Ethel Kent-Manassas. Virginia

Frank Mason--Manassas, Virginia

Lynne Petty--Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Connie Ellenburg-- Winchester, Tennessee

Bobby Peyton--McEwen, Tennessee


Thank you for your generous and loving support, prayers, and encouragement to us. Try to imagine the impact of your gift on the souls who will hear the Gospel because you cared. Your gift will be a blessing through all eternity.

Grace and Peace, Jerris N. Bullard Missionary


India 39

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus. We are grateful' for a, return of good health and praise God for hearing prayers from so many brethren in so many wide-spread places including those of India. As a result of God's favor to us we are pleased to inform you that we will be departing for India on August 7th• After missing our Summer Missions for the past two years we are excited to return this year to the land of famed Monsoons (3-5 months of seasonal rain which begins annually on June 1 "). Time is fast approaching and we need your help and your prayers.


Below I have reproduced two letters which are representative of those often received from our Indian brethren. Brother Narish's letter helps to answer a number of questions: Observe how long it took he and his wife to teach and then baptize her sister and his brother-in-law. Next note that Narish partially supports himself and provides employment for his wife as well through a business (a preschool) he has begun. His main goal is to preach the Gospel full-time. The letter from P. Mark observes local persecution and the cost of being a Christian in a Hindu society. In telephone calls I learned that the brethren from Kandlagunta are very poor farmers/laborers who have had little work over the past two---three years. They have tried to save funds to repair their 35 year old building, but benevolent needs for brethren and Hindu neighbors were pressing so their funds are exhausted. Unless we help repair the roof their church building the entire place will likely collapse. Let us pray with them that funds may be supplied for this need and God's glory.

Juanita and I need funds involving hundreds of Indian preachers to conduct at least four campaigns over the next six weeks. Funds are needed to purchase Bibles; print 12,000 song books (which will contain songs in five languages); 100 bicycles for preachers; benevolence for poor-destitute : brethren; completion of two church buildings; and funds to begin and operate a new one-year-long School of Preaching which will have eight students. The total of all this over the next six months will cost $75,000 U.S. dollars. Please be as generous as possible-souls are at stake-and, you and I are on the King's business. Thanks for being co-workers with us in what is, no doubt, the most productive mission field in all the world.


Dear brother Jerris,

Greetings in the sweet name rof our Lord and savior Jesus Christ from Siliguri! Hope and pray everything is going well with you and sister Juanita. We are also doing fine here.

I am very glad to inform you about yet another decision made for Christ our Lord and they are none other than my brother-in­law and his wife, Anjay and Bandana. Both of them used to be very stubborn but ultimately they have humbled themselves by obeying our Lord in the waters of Baptism on Saturday (10th March 2012). We tried to catch them for six years. Praise the Lord! Please add them in your list as you remember others in your prayers.

Our new session for the pre-school began from Monday (12/03/2012) and it was quite memorable like previous years. The little ones cry at their best as they leave their parents for the first time in life though for few hours. By the grace of God we could get about 26 new students this year which is the 'largest number since the inception of the school, and all together we will be having about 55 students this year. We have hired two more teachers in our school so that I could be free most of the time for the Lord's ministry, but my wife remains busy directing the school most of the time. Please remember us as we try to build up this vital part of our ministry which I believe will prove very supporting in the Lord's works.

Brother Ashok also sends his greetings and regards. Please continue to pray for us. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours in His service

Naresh Chhetri


Beloved Brother,

Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am doing fine and doing good work for the Lord and especially we are praying for you and sister heath and safe journeys.

Brother i hope you remember Kandlagunta village concerning which you said to me many times about you traveled (for night meetings) on Bullock cart-night time under the moon light. This is the same village. Their church building roof is fully broken due to many cyclones and heavy monsoon rains.

Now rains are coming again. These church members they don't have safe place to worship God. Yesterday all Church members came along with preacher (they came by 3 Autos) and requesting me about church roof I pray to God and i said to them God surely hear our prayer he will provide.

Brother this time I am requesting you and begging you please help me to help them. Up to now they shifted many houses and one government school for worship God. Now Government people also stop them from using government property which should be used only by Hindus, not Christians. I will take you to this place when you come to Pamidipadu. So please Iam requesting you and sister I know you have kind heart so please help.

Brother I am not making you trouble this my humble request so please consider it. I am praying for you please pray for me. Thank you



The Lord continues to bless our work in India. The work is BIG. We give thanks, praise, and glory to the Lord for what He has done. The joy and honor of being His co-worker is beyond our vocabulary. During latest mission we completed eight major campaigns with literally hundreds of Indian brethren assisting us. The Lord blessed this work with 4,387 souls being baptized. It is a joy to see tremendous growth among the Indian brethren in all areas of their spiritual lives. We are encouraged to see native congregations fully supporting their own work and even reaching out and doing evangelistic work in neighboring areas. They are already supporting many of their own preachers (of course, it is on their local economic level). The brethren cannot construct major building, nor can they afford to do the mass campaigns which are our stock and trade, but they are assuming much of their benevolent load and desire to do more of their own work. You may view a thirteen minute overview of our 2012 Winter Mission by going to our web site: (It is video only-no audio.) Thanks for enabling this good work to go forward for the glory of God.


CAMPAIGN RESULTS: January 1, 2012-July 13, 2012










 To God we give all the glory. "I (paul) planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase (growth)." --1 Corinthians 3: 6

In Memory of those we have loved co-workers with us:

  • Sister Hoofnagle--Greysonville, Md.       
  • Leona Kelly--Proctorville, OH
  • Daniel Singh--Birpara, NIB India
  • Leigh Ann Kippany-Columbia.Maryland
  • Marvin Murphy--Manassas, VA
  • Dean Morgan-Amarillo, TX

Prayers are Requested for other co-workers-all suffering cancer.

  • Joe Wells--Greenway, AR  
  • Mary Dene Wages--Vancleave, MS
  • Susan Foy--Manassas, VA
  • Micah Sexson--San Antonio, TX

Note: Anyone of our dear friends who have been over looked is unintentional and regrettable -please forgive us.


Grace and Peace

Jerris N. Bullard, Missionary

P .S. Even when we are in the states your gifts are needed and wired monthly to India. For example, we wired $8,500 in May $8,500 in June, and July $9,500. The work goes on and we must not give Satan any reason to stop the momentum.

Please make your check payable to Church of Christ India Fund.


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You may also download this video by going to the Vimeo Website.

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