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Dear Brethren,

The headline on the Front-page of tile Washington Times, July 12, 1999, was gripping: NUCLEAR POWERS 'TO END FIGHTING. My first thought was, "What is this?" How could I have missed a war between nuclear powers? Which nuclear powers--USA, Russia, France, China? None of these.

The lead article began: "Top military commanders from India and Pakistan agreed yesterday on a plan to end the fighting in India-controlled Kashmir, easing concerns of a wider war between the two nuclear-armed neighbors." Peace--we pray so. The conflict over Kashmir has lasted 52 years with thousands of casualties on both sides. Since May 659 Pakistani soldiers and 150 Islamic guerrillas fighting with them have died. Indian casualties stand at 333 killed and 520 wounded.

In the midst of this, preaching and teaching of the Gospel continues unabated. God continues to add souls to the kingdom on a daily basis. As of July 21st, we have the following statistics to report for 1999. God gives the increase:


New Congregations Begun

Denominational Preachers Converted

Meetings' Conducted





To God we give all the honor and glory. He has prospered His people and they, in turn, have given generously to support this great work. We are grateful to all our co-workers in this field that is white unto harvest. As wonderful as these results are, we are not satisfied. We must intensify our efforts to reach even more souls. "Give us souls, souls, souls, dear Lord or we die." Please join me in that prayer.

The opportunities to teach and preach in India are unlimited. I wish to share a portion of a very typical letter which I receive on a regular basis from our Indian brethren. This particular letter was written to me on July 5, 1999 by G. Rathan Raj:

Brother I am an evangelist doing Lord's' service in my free time. I am doing service from last ten years in the remote villages of India. My aim is to take the love and word of God to the unreached poor in India. So far I visited many villages and preached the word of God. My wife conducts the sister's fellowship every Thursday in our house. Nearly ten to twenty sisters come to attend meetings. Some non-Christians also started coming from last few weeks.

Brother as you are in Lord's service, I extend my hearty invitation to you, to visit India. Please visit our place also. You can see our school children [he operates a school for poor children] and you can share the word of God among the poor village people. Brother if you visit the villages you will come to know that even in their poverty, how thirsty they are to listen to the word of God. There are some villages, they don't even know who the Lord Jesus Christ is. Please pray for India. As you know India is a land of religions, millions of people worship idols. Many evangelists come to India but they visit only big cities. Brother as Lord said in Matthew 9:37, "The harvest truly plenteous, but the laborers are few." India needs laborers. There is much work to do. Please if you can do something, try to visit our place. May God bless you and use you mightily in his service.

With Love, G. Rathan Raj Zaheerabad, India



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