:     Brother Jerris Bullard's book concerning "The History of the Church of Christ in India" is currently being revised and expanded.   It is to be hoped that it will be available by December  2019 or January 2020.  Currently it is not available, but  a list is being maintained by Jerris and will be made available to those who have requested it as soon as the book is revised.  Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

Thank you for your patience.


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Dear Brethren,

Greetings in th precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be all the glory and honor both now and in the ages to come. Our Lord said, "If the Son of man is lifted up He will draw all men (all kinds of people) to Himself (John 12: 32). In India peoples of all tongues, colors, castes, rich and poor, educated and illiterate are being reached by evangelists who lift up the Christ. Missions, missions, missions.. .this is what we are all about. How welcome are the feet of those who bring good news to the lost (Romans 10: 15). The brethren of India greet you.


I am a product of Christian education: Two years at Lubbock Christian College (now University), two years at Abilene Christian College (now University), one year at Sunset School of Preaching, two more years at Abilene Christian, and a couple more years at Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute and a few select courses at various other places. It sure took a lot of time, money, and effort to get myself educated. That being said, I would add that for the past 29 years (1978-2007) I have been getting a "real" education in the mission fields of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

None of the classes during nine years of college prepared me for the "real" work of being a missionary. I was prepared to preach and teach the Word of God both publicly and from house to house. I was prepared to do "pastoral" counseling. I was prepared to be a mediator and peace-maker. However, I was not prepared to be a Fund Raiser, a Bookkeeper, nor an organizer of every possible work for the congregations I served nor for the mission I have loved working in for so long. I was not prepared for all the travel necessary to raise funds for an ever increasing budget for a fast growing and wonderfully successful mission work. I was not prepared to spend half my life living out of a suitcase, staying in innumerable hotels, and in an equal number of brethren's homes all over America. In short, though well educated (at least the professors tried their level best to achieve that goal), I was not prepared for the multitude of things missionaries are called on to do. Necessity is often the best teacher.

Though it may seem so, the above has not been shared as a series of complaints. Not at all! I would not exchange my "On the Field" degree for all the sheepskins and parchments which all the colleges together bestowed on me. Missions. That is my joy. "Give me souls or I die!" That is my Prayer.



I only wish we could see everyone who supports us more often. Juanita and I will visit as many as we can during the last three months of this year. Unfortunately, there are not enough Sundays and Wednesdays for us to see each and every congregation or individual who supports our work. We deeply regret this and ask for your understanding and patience until we can visit those we must of necessity miss just now. The Lord willing we will endeavor to see all those we miss in the Fall of 2007 during our Reporting Period in the Spring of 2008. We have about 10,000 miles of road ahead of us. (We will drive only.) Please keep us in prayer. Johnny Cash's song comes to mind: "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere...."


Phoebe-"Sweetie" - Juanita's favorite interpreter. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Chess Wooten-Preacher and Missionary to India and Bangladesh. Annapolis, Maryland.

Wayne Crump-Preacher and Missionary to Bangladesh. Washington, D. C.

Thanz Chinz-R. Sanga's mother. Imphal, Manipur, India.

Francis Little-Supporter of our work since 1978. Martinsburg, West Virginia.


"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord... that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them! "--Revelation 14:13






After twenty-nine years of work, our team has led 2,679,000 souls to Christ through 968,000 Gospel Meetings. A word of appreciation is to be expressed to our team members: My beloved wife, Juanita Bullard; Ron and Karen Clayton; Kyle Clayton; Robert Hall; Ben Renegar; honorable mention to past team members Randy and Pam Matheny, Jess Willis (deceased); and, to regular workers Steve Snider and Keith Ball.

Most of all we salute all of our Indian brethren who really do all the "Heavy Lifting." Without all these this work would not have been done. To God, who blesses us to be co-workers with Him, be all the praise and glory.

This wonderful work has been accomplished by great sacrifice: In addition to our full-time team members over 75 other brothers and sisters have often made the long journey to assist us in India to preach and teach those who are so anxious to hear the Word of God. They left their families and congregations for a season...often tears have flowed. Many others, congregations and individuals, have sacrificed their treasure in order that the Gospel might be preached. Missions cost a lot of money-airfares, hotel bills, meals, Bibles in the native languages, bicycles for preachers, preacher's support, church buildings and schools of preaching have been constructed, communion trays purchased, and benevolence of all imaginable types have been done-and much more has been paid for by generous and sacrificial brethren. God love you for your gifts. God bless you that you may give even more. Your sacrifices: perhaps this expression helps to explain at least a part of the success God has blessed us with over the last twenty-nine years. Without your gifts this would have been impossible. It is God's way of doing missions: Some must go...and ...some must give hi order to send those who would go to the fields of harvest (Romans 10:15).


Some years ago I was working in India with brother J. C. Bailey, pioneer missionary of our modern Indian work beginning in 1963. While we were traveling on the train to our next destination, brother Bailey told me a joke about a missionary who had died. It seems that when his tombstone was engraved his sponsoring congregation had written the following words from Luke 16: 22: "...and the beggar died!" No doubt that may be written on the stone of any missionary.


The Brethren in India have presented the following needs to us: Bibles and song books in their native languages, communion cups, printed materials-sermon books and tracts, benevolence, operational costs for schools of preaching, church building construction, travel, hotels, and food needs for native evangelists to preach the Gospel throughout India. We would add our airfares, hotels, food needs, and car rentals. It is the Lord's work and through you we have confidence that He will provide. On behalf of the needy brethren and lost souls who will be taught we say, "Thank you."


Having made known to you the above sketch of what we will expend your gifts on, we now press forward to January 8, 2008. Our India Fund is currently depleted. We must begin with this newsletter to raise $65,000 for our Winter 2008 campaign. Please accept our thanks and that of the Manassas elders for your help. Our poor brethren's needs are heart-rending. Help us give them the "tools" to reach the lost. Enclosed is an envelope for your convenience. Additional congregations and individuals are urgently needed to help in the work financially. Please encourage your congregation to help us.


The past has been wonderful. You have given...we have gone, and God has given the increase. In order for this work to continue at the current level we must raise $250,000 during the next year-beginning now. Immediately, we need to raise $65,000 dollars. Your help is urgent. The funds are needed by January 8, 2008 when we depart for our Winter 2008 mission to India. This will be Jerris' 50th mission trip to India. It will be Juanita's 19th.


Please pray for us. While the situation in India seems to be generally ok, radicals are everywhere and trouble may breakout at any time. Not only are we faced with enemies of the cross, but travel may also prove to be a challenge for us. India road deaths rank number two, behind China, with over 93,000 per year. The USA has about 43,000. China sees over 108,000 per year. It is with the same zeal and feelings the Apostle Paul expressed which motivates us to leave our home, loved ones and friends to go to India: / am a debtor both to Greeks and to Barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish-hence my eagerness to proclaim the gospel to you also who are in Rome [I would ask you to read India in the place of Rome.]-Romans 1: 14-15. Woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel! For if I do this of my own will, I have a reward. But if not of my own will, I am entrusted with a commission (I Corinthians 9: 16-17).


Grace and Peace,

Jerris and Juanita Bullard



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