Those who have awaited the final relase of Jerris Bullard's ouline on "The History of Christianity in India" from his lecture on that subject need to be aware of a Delay in Publication of this document.  It will be made available in a month so look for it around July 15,2017.

Thank you for your patience.



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Jerris and Juanita returned this week from an extended stay in India.  More details can follow, but in his short report to the Manassas Church of Christ, he stated that from the more than 23,000 preachers that he spoke with, seeing 400 to 500 of them daily, his most requested thing was "Take me back home with you!"  This request was not to escape the place where they live, or the work that they have to do, but it was to "Thank the contributors in person" for all of their prayer an support.


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